Wings of War One100 - Cologne

Worlds Biggest Battle in Cologne

Cologne/Stuttgart/Koblenz (February, 27h) - The Battle with your beloved Wings of War Miniatures finally comes to Germany. Coming home to the grounds where the historical archetypes once have flown themselves, the Wings of War Miniature Game of today is a lot less dangerous, but playing and flying the bi- and triplanes still the biggest fun. Taking place at the 4. ROLE PLAY CONVENTION Germany in Cologne this year, the biggest fantasy and miniature gaming show in central Europe with expectedly over 50.000 visitors, the Wings of War action is presented by and GamesOrbit Magazine.

The show will host the "Wings of War One100" battle, which will be the attempt to break the record of most people playing one Wings of War game together at the same time. With demonstrations of the WW1 and WW2 game all day long on Saturday and on Sunday, the record game will take place Saturday at 5 o’clock CET in hall 2, booth A1 (Tabletop-Testgelaende, called "T3G"). No planes or gaming material are required to play, all WW1 bi- and triplanes for the event are being supplied ! So just come along, bring a friend and get into the action. All participants will get a gadget as a memory of the event in Cologne - he or she gets it for free ! During the day, there will be a big plane demo-team "flying" through the halls of the show advertising the event for Saturday evening. So keep your eyes open for it.

RPC Germany 2010 - The Experience, April 17h-18th 2010
WINGS OF WAR ONE100 - the biggest ever played Wings of War Game in the World.

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